Lynne Matthias Canary Birds Exhibition

Lin Matthias is a multi-media artivist looking at feminism and the women whose stories, whilst key to history, have been lost over time. She was inspired by the munitions workers at Rotherwas to create her portfolio for her BA (Hons) Fine Art degree at Hereford College of Arts.

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Lin’s Artist Statement

Lynne Matthias Canary Birds Exhibition

I am a Multi-Media Artivist looking at the world through a feminist contemporary discourse.

My background in counselling, psychology, the love of people and a search for equality between gender motivates and drives me. I embrace the work of women who have been lost in the channels of time to enable a balance in our art and our history books.

My research into the art of those who have questioned the status quo are constant references. I believe that art has a huge role to play in society to provoke and encourage social change.

I have discovered a skill in motivating and encouraging people to participate in social awareness ‘happenings’, that challenge deeper meanings about the society we live in. Relational Aesthetics has enabled me to do this.